Redthorn & RedStar HR Ltd working together…

We are very pleased to retain Sheila Redmond of RedStar HR Limited within the Redthorn Group to provide HR Services and Consultancy support.

Sheila has a wealth of senior HR and Employee Engagement experience working within numerous Global companies across many sectors, including Aerospace; Airlines; Chemical Manufacture and Pharmaceuticals. She is initially completing an audit of our HR basic processes (contracts; terms and conditions; policies etc ) and will extend her support over time to provide strategic input to us in respect of Organisational Development and Employee Engagement and Development.

In addition, Sheila is supporting our Agile Business Consultancy arm by delivering Front Line Leadership (FLL) training and development across our client companies, drawing on her considerable HR and Business Transformation experience.

We are already seeing the benefit of utilising RedStar’s outsourced professional HR services and are pleased to recommend RedStar to any of our customers who do not yet have such support in place. Sheila has supported us in handling a number of recent matters in a legally compliant and professional manner – her advice and support has already proved invaluable. If you would like to know more about what RedStar can provide or would just like an informal meeting to discuss your requirements, please contact Sheila at or 07773 282085.