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Redthorn Offer

Here is the latest offer from Redthorn… ‘Remote System Training Packages’.

For more information please contact the team through our website.

Extended Offer

Redthorn have decided to extend the ‘3 for 2 on Aventa Licenses’ offer until the end of February 2016.

For more information please contact the team through our website.

The new Redthorn website is LIVE!

Redthorn have a brand new website to reflect the restructuring of the business. As mentioned in our last news article our restructuring and repositioning has led to us rebranding the business which includes a new interactive website.

The new website portrays the quality within our business and displays detailed information on our products and services.

Visit the new website now and see for yourself….

Welcome Back Redthorn!!

We’d like to say how pleased we are about our recent business restructuring and repositioning which has led to us rebranding once again as Redthorn! We know that this name is synonymous with quality, agility and excellent customer service, and in reality, we are also aware that we continue to be known by our founding name amongst many of our customers and we want to shout it from the rooftops about the business and how we are developing it for the future. As Directors, Mark and I have listened to our customers feedback and are now fully aligned to giving all of our customers the support and capability that you require and all under the Redthorn banner.

In this short newsletter, we want to highlight our exciting system developments so that you can see how much we are investing in ensuring that you receive the very best service. In particular, look out for extensive additional functionality within our 11g system to be launched in the first half of 2016; and we are extremely proud of the new improved Resource Scheduler which will be launched later this year.

Finally, we have recently started working with a number of new and existing businesses to help us develop our next generation of products, which just shows how well established our product is within our market and in turn how we are developing our business to support yours.

As ever, if you have any questions/feedback or comments that you would like to direct to either of us, please contact us at or of course, for any technical or systems related enquiries, please contact our customer services team on

11gs  Features and Benefits

  • New and improved core module functionality.
  • Improved user experience, including a more modern look and feel.
  • Multiple reports engine.
  • Export of all reports to excel will now retain the formatting of the Oracle report and hyperlinks will be available.
  • Clients will be on the latest version of Java.
  • Software will run on the latest windows server.
  • Vastly improved server performance and connectivity to the server.
  • Further to Customer Feedback there have been a number of enhancements to the Resource Scheduler. We will be contacting you soon with the details around the much improved functionality.

To arrange a demo please contact us here at Redthorn.


We are delighted to announce that we now have the capability to provide additional value adding services for all our customers. We can now offer:

  • Mapping and aligning business processes to ensure that our customers make the most effective use of the MRP system.
  • Identifying areas to improve operational performance and increase productivity.
  • Improving your bottom line through reducing costs and increasing profitability.

New Customer

We are proud to announce that MML Marine in Coatbridge have chosen our system and we are now working with them to ensure a smooth implementation.

“Having used the Aventa software successfully for a number of years across the Patersons Engineering Group, it was the obvious choice when we acquired MML Marine Ltd”

Colin Spence, Managing Director MML

Watch out for our latest offer…. coming soon!

Redthorn (@RedthornLtd) | Twitter


Redthorn Advanced MRP Software | New Website Under Construction

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